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08-Aug-2017 08:55

Revised 3/13 The primary purpose of the Mesa Community College Archives collection is to acquire, preserve and facilitate access to materials that document the origin and history of the College and to provide on-going evidence of the College's development and activities.

Archival materials are shelved in Access Services on the first floor of the Paul A. These materials may be unique and are often irreplaceable, therefore they do not circulate nor may they be taken from the area.

All equipment, periodicals, reference books, and other library materials should be removed from the study room after use.

Other applicable library and campus policies apply to the group study rooms.

Items can be claimed by the owner at Public Safety.

The libraries reserve the right to inspect study rooms at any time and to remove unauthorized materials or prohibited items.Maricopa Community College students, faculty and staff may check out the calculators at the services/circulation desk with a valid student or employee ID card.The check out period is 3 hours and the calculators may leave the library for in-class use only. There is a non-refundable replacement charge for a damaged or lost calculator plus a .00 non-refundable processing fee.Requestors can view the materials at the table in the Archives area.

Upon request materials may be photocopied provided they are not confidential, restricted, nor will be damaged during the photocopying.Rooms are not to be used for functions such as committee meetings, classes, seminars or lectures as other facilities are available for these activities.

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