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18-Jul-2017 15:04

socal TECH NOVEMBER 13, 2008 Santa Monica-based Rubicon Project , which provides web advertising optimization software, has expanded into New York, the firm announced Thursday.

Rubicon, which is venture backed by Clearstone Venture Partners, IDG Ventures, and Mayfield, said that it has hired on Josh Wexler as Director of Strategic Publisher Acquisition, who will head up its New York offices.

According to Userplane, users of its Userplane Chat App can chat with other users logged in anywhere on the chat application, which previously only offered chatting within a specific web site.

Tech Zulu Event DECEMBER 18, 2013 28 from 7pm-10pm in Santa Monica. Babak received a BA degree in Business Economics and Communications from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Mash Logic's browser extension highlights keywords, and then presents related URLs when users click on those keywords.

So Cal CTO JUNE 14, 2008 At the CTO Group that I organize in Santa Monica, we've had lots of discussions around this.

socal TECH DECEMBER 17, 2008 Santa Monica-based Docstoc is tying into a Firefox browser extension, saying Wednesday that it has tied into Mash Logic, which analyzes web pages and gives users more information about sites they are visiting.

According to Docstoc, its documents will be used to provide another layer of information in the Mash Logic browser extension.

socal TECH OCTOBER 6, 2008 Santa Monica-based Zag, which is developing software for auto buying programs, has signed on another AAA group as a customer.

Since 2008, Harrison Metal has invested in over 40 companies, including Aardvark (GOOG), Doc Verse (GOOG), Heroku (CRM), Manymoon (CRM), Mixer Lab (Twitter) and Zip Zap Play (ERTS).

socal TECH OCTOBER 7, 2008 Santa Monica-based nonprofit the X PRIZE Foundation has added another firm as a "preferred partner" for the firm's Google Lunar X PRIZE, the challenge to send a robot to the surface of the moon.

socal TECH OCTOBER 10, 2008 Santa Monica-based Cornerstone On Demand, which develops software-as-a-service for talent and employee management, said this week that it has signed on Barry-Wehmiller Companies, a capital equipment provider and engineering consulting services firm.

Cornerstone On Demand is venture backed by Bay Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners; the firm's software is used for managing human resources.According to Zag, AAA Mid-Atlantic has just unveiled a auto buying program which is powered by the firm's software.