Cut him loose dating

13-Jul-2018 08:38

Sharing your feelings with the hopes he will realize how much he means to you will also get you nowhere.

If a man is uncertain about your relationship (whatever the reason might be), there is only one thing you can do: Take a step back and create some space.

Unfortunately, this means he feels confident continuing this behavior because he knows there won't be any consequences.

I don't mean ignore him or delete his number or anything so drastic. Women are known to react when a man goes from hot to cold, which is understandable.

It's hard going from having an almost-boyfriend to being almost nothing.

It's a shift so small that it would be unrecognizable to anyone else. You assume he's busy and try not to let paranoia take hold. I don't want to say it "never ends well," but the odds are rarely in our favor.

He doesn't need to check in with you every moment of the day.In fact, before trying to figure out how to handle the situation, you should try to understand the reason for the shift.

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