Im live 4cam

26-Apr-2018 07:37

You can still get them on Aliexpress, it's just that they won't be listed under a hikvision name, you will need to search by model number.People on here have bought from other less known sellers so they may be able to chime in.It's not actually formatting the drive – just creates a file or folder but doesn't delete anything already there – stupid term to use. Free, easy to set up, light on resources, free mobile client and much faster to connect than Milestone.But I'd still makes sure I had a backup of anything important. Hi, does anyone have any idea what could be causing this knocking sound with a Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW when viewing the camera and playback via i VMS 42?Probably a good place to put that at the start of this thread.Can someone give an update on buying Hik Vision cameras from overseas sellers since the recent new restrictions put in place? used to be a popular option on Whirlpool but Hikvision has cracked down on the 2 best sellers E&M and CCTV China.i have 8 cameras, and sometimes (one out of maybe 5-6 times) when i launch i VMS-4500 (android), the 1st camera doesnt play automatically (the other 7 are fine).i have to go into the camera list and add camera 1 again, as it is deselected. (i seem to recall someone mentioning it, but can't remember if it was here or someplace else, nor how long ago it was) So I've got my Hikvision DS 2CD3335-i, and I have installed i VMS-4200 on a server PC.

Even though you have a dynamic IP address, it should have worked for now anyways while your IP hasn't changed.

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