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25-Oct-2017 07:21

No stick to the face like Suter on Paul Kariya where he's left out for a season with a neck/cuncussion issue.

So to keep that from happening they would allow fights (ther players governed themselves).

Now, after Gary Bettman (who has never even skated before, which he admitted a few years ago on HNIC), has made it so a guy gets thrown out of a game for instigating a fight and possible suspension, things like Marty Mc Sorley, and Todd Burtuzzi, and Hatcher knocking Crosby's teeth out happen all the time.

Think of last year when Colby armstrong jumped three feet in the air and shouldered - to - head Koivu on the Habs.

2) Standing up for another player - If a player gets cheap shotted and is down on the ice or if he isn't a known fighter and is being picked on a player who is a fighter will come in and stand up for his teammate.

3) Energy Boost - Nothing gets your team more excited than winning a big fight, the energy then can sometimes transfer into better play on the ice.

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When the games' begin the channels should be back up and running.4) Frustration - There is always the occasional spur of the moment fight.

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