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"There was never a book, a magazine, a movie, a television show that spoke to my experience as a bicultural teen.

I could find a million articles on finding the perfect prom dress or getting the guy of your dreams, but how about 'Ten Sure Fire Steps to Being the Perfect Korean Daughter and Not Be a Freak at Your High School.'" (That would have been really helpful for me too, Su Chin...). In one episode of "My Life (Translated)", Su Chin talked about how she felt pressured to have plastic surgery on her eyes, both by her Korean parents and the media.

Tila insists that she’s actually bisexual, and is not just pretending for the sake of her show. To anyone who doubts that, I would say: Track back and look at my history.

I am definitely not a newbie,” she told The Advocate. She reveals that in one challenge, “Everyone had to eat a [artificial] penis and balls.

” Her mom seemed to be the chiller parent, even paying a visit to the "Real World" house to show her support!

South Korea is often called the "plastic surgery capital of the world," and double eyelid surgery (Asian Blepharoplasty) is one of most common procedures. ” Well, the contestants must know you’re bisexual now, right? “PS-THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I AM TELLING MY PARENTS THAT I AM A BISEXUAL…. ” Tila, if your parents don’t know about you at this point, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. MTV exec Tony Di Santo had this to say about the upcoming show, "The show is a roller-coaster ride of drama, conflict and emotion, busting stereotypes and challenging the norm.” Wow – I never would have thought the “F*ck Ya Man” singer would become a social innovator, but Ms.