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Amazon’s purchases of Twitch and Elemental Technologies appear to be only two parts of a bigger strategy at the company to move deeper into video services through acquisition.Last year, the marketplace and cloud computing giant also quietly acquired a startup out of San Francisco called Biba Systems, which develops and operates video messaging apps aimed at business users.There are other areas where Amazon might end up using some of Biba’s technology.

News of Amazon’s possible purchase of Biba Systems first surfaced last week, when Geek Wire found some Delaware filings that spoke of a merger with an entity called “Justin Acquisition” in September 2015.

Looking around Amazon’s job boards, we found only one reference to Biba on there: in an ad for a training specialist for AWS Support, helping AWS customers with questions about AWS products, where Biba is named along with Webex and Adobe Connect as one of the software platforms that applicants need to have used in the past.

Amazon could build its own proprietary internal support network on Biba’s platform; potentially, it could subsequently offer this out as a service on AWS.

We want people who like to be on the cutting edge of things in whatever they're doing. We are also continuously hiring customer care professionals for our service centers. However, a growing trend is that we are bringing on more and more virtual employees. There is no one specific role for which we hire virtual employees.

Jobs in marketing, technology, sales, and many other areas of the company can be done from home — including HR. The growth in the virtual employee space has been so great that we have added a virtual employee section to our jobs listings.

Flexibility is a part of the way we work at American Express, and it's also expected in today's global marketplace.