The bensonhurst dating game

16-May-2018 12:29

But not all of the contestants are treated equally by host Joe Pesci.

While the two white guys can make sleazy comments to the bachelorette, Rock is chastised for doing the same.

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Turns out that repeatedly yelling about Ditka and “da Bears” in a thick Chicago accent is just as entertaining in game show format.

This spot-on spoof of melodramatic Lifetime movie tropes is anchored by a perfectly creepy Bill Hader, whose natural gravitas and impressive range of eyebrow movement made him the go-to game show host during his parodies in its day, but the simplest approach — putting in a bunch of your best original characters (and original cast members) and letting them run wild — is still the best one.

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So suck it, Trebek, and join us as we look back at some of If you’re the kind of person who knows the sigils of every house in Westeros but not the capital of Wisconsin, this is the game show for you.

“Next time, you better be a little smarter,” Pesci’s host warns.

When Rock alludes to “doing the nasty” with the bachelorette, Sandler’s contestant gets riled up.

Kevin Stubbs: You know, italian food would be a nice prelude before we go home and do the nasty!

How's he gonna taste that italian food if he got no tongue?

But first, let's meet the tree guys she's gonna choose from over here.