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16-Nov-2017 03:15

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It was weird, but in my heart, I felt like he was someone I could possibly trust.” 4.

In those first few years, I would say the majority of the Playmates eventually selected had found their way into Hef’s bedroom.She worked her way up in Hollywood with stars in her eyes and a kind heart, but found that Hollywood wasn’t always as kind in return. ‘Maybe you can go to the gym.’ When we got home, I went to my room and cried myself to sleep. I had this whole mansion and a great life to enjoy, and all I was doing was lying around and eating. This was supposed to be paradise, but for me, it wasn’t.” 9. I rarely left the mansion, so making it home in time for curfew was never an issue either.” Kendra: “Instead of me, Holly and Bridget wanted to bring in Audra, this girl who was looking to move into the mansion and become Hef’s girlfriend.She may have been publicly adored, idolized and lusted after, but she felt alone and trapped.” Kendra: “When you star in a reality show, the entire world thinks they know you. Holly: “‘Don’t ever wear red lipstick again,’ [Hefner] warned me in a low voice and turned toward the door He paused and turned back around to survey my reaction. She and I had issues – our personalities totally clashed – and she was trying desperately to take my place, and for some reason Holly and Bridget were on her side.Honestly I don't really know who women would want to trade places with, feel free to let me know your ideas in the comment section below.

But speaking solely in terms female conquests, after Hugh Hefner, other acceptable answers might include George Clooney, Tom Brady, Derek Jeter, Jack Nicholson, Charlie Sheen and whoever is currently waking up next to Kate Upton.On Hugh Hefner Holly: “That’s how disagreements always ended with Hef; he would just stomp off, and you were left to pick the pieces of your self-worth up off the floor.

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